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Belcourt at OZ Arts Nashville: IN JACKSON HEIGHTS
Sunday, Mar 6, 2016 3:00 PM
Dir. Frederick Wiseman, USA, 2015, 190min, NR, Digital

at OZ Arts Nashville
6172 Cockrill Bend Circle
Nashville TN 37209

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Jackson Heights, located in the New York City borough of Queens, lays claim to being the world's most diverse neighborhood. Locals say that 167 languages are spoken here. In contrast to urban blocks that are often more divided by ethnicity, Jackson Heights residents commingle in the same apartment buildings and shopping districts. In the Old Testament's Tower of Babel story, diversity was a recipe for disaster. In Jackson Heights, it somehow works.

Frederick Wiseman is best known for documenting institutions (NATIONAL GALLERY, AT BERKELEY). He now brings his observational approach to IN JACKSON HEIGHTS, filmed over the summer of 2014, to create a keen understanding of how this special place ticks.