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Monday, Nov 19, 2012 7:30 PM
Dir. Demetria Kalodimos / USA / 2012 / NR / 77min / HD
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The Lindbergh Baby

Adam Walsh

Jon Benet Ramsey

Kaylee Anthony


In Nashville, in 1975, the name was Marcia Trimble, a 9 year old Green Hills Girl Scout who vanished taking her last order of cookies across the street.


They would come to call it Nashville's crime of the century.

The unsolved mystery that would change the way children played,  the way parents watched, and how neighbor treated neighbor.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people searched.

The story made the New York City papers.

It took 33 days to find Marcia, just yards away from her home.

She had been strangled and sexually assaulted.

It took 33 years to solve the crime

And in those 3 decades, one young man, Jeffrey Womack,  would be whispered about, blamed, followed, charged, and ultimately disproven as a suspect.

But the stain of suspicion  remained indelible.


INDELIBLE: THE CASE AGAINST JEFFREY WOMACK is a one hour Channel 4 investigation into the stories never told, the voices never heard, and  some astounding mistakes made in the pursuit of justice.

Culled from the Channel 4 news archive, the Metro police case file and in never before heard recordings, the case unfolds like it was 1975 all over again.

Jeffrey speaks for the first time.

Marcia does too.


Principal photographer and editor Jim Garbee

Produced, reported, researched and edited by Demetria Kalodimos