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Saturday, Dec 8, 2012 9:20 PM
Dir. Sergio Corbucci, Italy, 1968, 110 min., PG-13, 35mm
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Amid the tumult of the Mexican Revolution, a Polish mercenary (Franco Nero) and a Mexican guerilla (Tony Musante) join forces against a rich colonel (Eduardo Fajardo) and a sadistic American out for revenge (Jack Palance). Sergio Corbucci's tale of revolution, similar to Leone's DUCK, YOU SUCKER, emphasizes the tension between greed and idealism as motivating factors in times of upheaval.

Corbucci essentially remade the film with many of the same actors in similar roles two years later under the title COMPAÑEROS.

“Transformed by Corbucci into a wild fantasy, comic-strip style, about political commitment: Frantz Fanon for beginners with a bizarre sense of humor.”
– Christopher Frayling


“With Companeros, this is Corbucci’s best film.”
– Phil Hardy
"Anticipates The Wild Bunch in its near-hysterical local color (a troupe of clown toreadors, a religious procession with concealed machine guns) compounded by a frenzied revolutionary joie de vivre and a suitably excessive Morricone score notable for its choral outbursts, Peruvian pipes, and wailing electric guitar."
– J. Hoberman, Film Comment