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Sunday, Feb 10, 2013 8:15 PM
Dir. Lewis Milestone, USA, 1930, 136 min., NR, New 35mm Print
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General Admission Adult - $8.75
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General Admission Senior - $6.25
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Part of Oscar Picks, Jan 25 – Feb 23: a mix of this year's nominated films plus a batch of Best Pictures from years past.

Showtimes will be posted on the Monday prior to opening.

Academy Award® Winner, 1930 - Best Picture, Director

This epic adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's novel of the same name follows a group of young German schoolboys as they enlist in the army, train, and eventually encounter death and destruction in the trenches of World War I. A masterpiece hailed by many as the progenitor of the anti-war film genre, it lays bare the universal brutality of war, stripping it of its glory, while poignantly illuminating the very personal tragic toll on the young soldiers who do the fighting. The film, which earned both Oscars for both its director (Lewis Mileston) and producer (Carl Lemmle, Jr.), is presented here in its newly restored complete and uncut version.