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Sunday, Oct 28, 2012 4:00 PM
Dir. Volker Schloendorff / USA / 1990 / R / 109min / 35mm

Underwritten by Humanities Tennessee. Presented in conjunction with Margaret Atwood’s visit to accept the Nashville Public Library’s Literary Award on Oct 27.
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Post-film panel discussion: Betsy Phillips, author and political commentator at the Nashville Scene's Pith in the Wind blog; Sarah Brown, film critic for Native magazine; Chet Weise, writer, adjunct professor at MTSU and founder of the Poetry Sucks! reading series."

 Based on Margaret Atwood's book of the same title, the nether-future America of The Handmaid's Tale, has been crippled by pollution, toxic waste, war, and disease, and religious tyranny has maimed the society. "Family values" has run amok. Child-rearing in America — now renamed the Republic of Gilead — has come to stand not just for the physical survival of the society, but for the embrace of an extremely fundamentalist ideology. The Republic of Gilead has become a breeder state. Kate (Natasha Richardson) tries to escape, and is punished by being made a Handmaid. It is to her gendered lot in life to manufacture the babies who will guarantee the future of Gilead. And it becomes her purpose as a human being to escape this fate. In light of the recent, real life controversy that introduced the term "legitimate rape" into an American lexicon already employing "date rape," Atwood's book and this not-so-subtle film adaptation still holds resonance.