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Monday, Feb 19, 2018 8:30 PM
Dir. Allan Arkush | USA | 1983 | 92 min. | R | 35mm
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General Admission Adult - $10.00
General Admission Senior - $8.00
General Admission Student - $8.50
General Admission Military - $8.50
General Admission Child - $8.00
General Admission Group Sale - $9.00

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For anyone who's ever gone to a music festival and wondered what sort of backstage shenanigans were afoot. For anyone who’s ever worked in the arts and lived to tell the tale. For everyone who loves to rock out on the silly side, come on in… Electric Larry has the cure for whatever ails you. From the creative team behind ROCK & ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, and starring Daniel Stern, Stacey Nelkin, Lee Ving, and Lou Reed. Not available on DVD or Blu-ray.