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Sunday, Jun 17, 2018 7:45 PM
Dir. Miloš Forman | Czechoslovakia | 1966 | 88 min. | NR | 35mm

In Czech with English subtitles
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Andula is an innocent Czech factory girl from a dreary industrial town where the women outnumber the men sixteen to one due to military conscription. Youth and beauty offer few advantages for a working-class girl with no prospects on the horizon of her small town. Resigned to search for salvation in ‘true’ love, Andula mistakenly believes she’s found her savoir in Milda, a seductive, silver-tongued jazz pianist from Prague. Milda uses her naivety to his advantage for one night, expecting to depart the next morning for Prague without a rearview mirror. Andula, however, turns the tiny spark of their encounter into a four-alarm fire, igniting within her a singular ambition to track her ‘true’ love down at his family home. Director Miloš Forman subtly subverts what is a seemingly predictable narrative, empowering Andula with an endearing earnestness that re-assigns the butt of Milda’s dirty joke.