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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018 7:30 PM
Dir. Lucrecia Martel | Argentina | 2008 | 87 min. | NR | 35mm

In Spanish with English subtitles
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A bourgeois middle-aged dentist named Veronica (Maria Onetto) drives alone on a dirt road, becomes distracted, and runs over something. Immediately she becomes disoriented, unmoored from her identity and reality, like a sleepwalker who’s actually awake. As the weeks go on, she becomes obsessed with the possibility that she may have killed someone: a young boy whose body is found in a roadside canal.  Veronica tries to piece together what happened while her husband systematically erases her tracks. A chilling parable about a woman in shock, Lucrecia Martel’s third feature explores the intricacies of class and the role of women in a male-dominated society. 35mm print courtesy of the Walker Art Center.

“(An) elliptical and enigmatic film… An exercise in evoking a sputtering conscience in purely visual terms” —Jim Ridley, The Nashville Scene