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Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018 7:00 PM
Dir. Chris Smith | USA | 1999 | 107 min. | R | 35mm
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Part of Staff Picks, and programmed by Jon, who says: "Mark Borchardt is an endlessly inspiring character who pursues his dreams no matter what the cost. This is one of the quirkiest, most heartfelt documentaries ever made."

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, is a long way from Hollywood, but Mark Borchardt has a dream. Armed with a driving ambition and nothing to lose, the fast-talking Borchardt enlists friends, local thespians and unwilling family members to help him finish his no-budget horror film, COVEN. The camera doesn't flinch as it captures every emotional crisis and financial pitfall in his two-year odyssey. What emerges is a bizarre, yet surprisingly heartfelt, documentary portrait of a true American character.

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