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Saturday, Aug 4, 2018
Essential Westerns Full Series Pass $175 ($125 Belcourt members)

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First things first, let’s acknowledge what’s missing, which is a LOT. No list of 26 “essential Westerns” could be so objective. So, in order to get this list down from 130 candidates, some ground rules were set. With only a few exceptions, we’d avoid any film played in the last decade—including a number of films from a recent “spaghetti” series (2012) and a 101-level series from 2009. And with the notable exception of John Ford, we’d include no more than two films per director—and no silents. Among the viewing options below, a number of tracks can be taken. Weekends offer the opportunity to view the stone-cold classics of mid-century Westerns—often paired adjacently by lead actor or director—whereas Wednesday nights start off with Peckinpah in the 60s, the revisionist 70s, and right up to the current decade. Alas, these aren’t necessarily THE essential Westerns, but they ARE absolutely essential nonetheless. So, saddle up and mosey on over.

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