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Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 1:00 PM
Dir. Stanley Donen | USA | 1967 | 111 min. | NR | DCP
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Architect Mark Wallace (Albert Finney) and his wife Joanna (Audrey Hepburn) travel to France to meet with an affluent client (Claude Dauphin). While there, they reflect on their first decade of marriage—memories of when they first met, of courtship, and of road trips through the French countryside. As flirtation and playful quarreling turn to boredom with the banality of married life, the Wallaces struggle to rekindle their passion, while mutual infidelity threatens to tear them apart.

“A Hollywood-style romance between beautiful people, and an honest story about recognizable human beings.” —Roger Ebert, rogerebert.com

“Viewed through a contemporary prism, one might pithily describe 1967's TWO FOR THE ROAD as being like the entire ‘BEFORE’ trilogy compacted into one feature, as filtered through the style of the French New Wave. Arriving the same year as the similarly [French New Wave] inspired BONNIE AND CLYDE, Stanley Donen's film feels just as potent a tearaway from the fading Hollywood studio system, and arguably a greater upheaval in that it came from someone who thrived in that system for two decades prior...Hepburn, shedding her established persona with glee, is particularly great, while Frederic Raphael's acerbic screenplay has touches of material he'd explore decades later with EYES WIDE SHUT.” —Josh Slater-Williams, The Skinny