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Rental Screening: PHASE: The Film
Thursday, Sep 26, 2019 7:30 PM
Presented by Jessy Wilson and May 3rd Records

Doors at 7:00pm | Show at 7:30pm
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As any Nashvillian will tell you, "Music City" - as it is called - is widely celebrated for its country music history. But when Brooklyn native Jessy Wilson arrived on the scene with an open mind, she quickly discovered a burgeoning and eclectic subculture brimming with unsung creative energy - an energy that would catapult her into six years of self-realization as a musician and visual artist.  In a matter of time, it becomes apparent that her presence has struck a chord in the chambers of Nashville’s alternative underground.

Starring, written, produced and casted by Jessy Wilson, alongside co-writer and directer, Emerson Kyle, PHASE looks at Nashville through a new and colorful lens.  A cinematic collage both stunning and honest, it is one woman’s quest to stand in her truth, to defy boundaries, challenge perceptions, uplift community, and to write and perform songs that transcend genre categories. Most inspiring of all, even in her darkest moment, the protagonist courageously affirms the dreams of a younger self.  A trance-inducing visceral vortex, PHASE: The Film, based on the music of Wilson’s acclaimed debut album of the same name, is a brief and bountiful masterpiece.  A must-see!

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