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Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019 4:40 PM
Dir. Janice Engel | USA | 2019 | 91 min. | NR | DCP
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With razor-sharp wit, outspoken journalist and firecracker Molly Ivins took on the good-ole-boy corruption of the political establishment. The six-foot, red-haired Texan found joy in reporting as one of the lone liberals in her deep-red state. Ivins became the first woman to co-edit the Texas Observer, and among her claims to fame were her searing, comical books on George W. Bush’s temperament and political record (having grown up in the same town with him, she became an accidental expert). Her blistering way with words was feared by the political elite, but her refreshing critique and big heart garnered a diehard following from around the country.

Though Ivins died from cancer in 2007, filmmaker Janice Engel crafts a highly entertaining film that radiantly conveys Ivins’ repartee and brings her political wisdom back to life. Featuring Ann Richards, Rachel Maddow and Dan Rather, among others.

“Smart, fearless and devilishly witty, she skewered the powerful with an unmistakable, impossible-to-duplicate style, using barbed humor to take down politicians and to highlight social inequalities.” —Caryn James, Hollywood Reporter

“Bolstered by Ivins’ barbs, RAISE HELL is one of the funniest and most entertaining docs in recent memory, getting just as many laughs as a stand-up comedy set—and all of that humor is found in direct quotes from Ivins herself… Her clever wordplay is timeless, a particular feat for columns and books that focus on a single moment in the political timeline.” —Kimber Myers, The Playlist  

“She was the modern political equivalent of Mark Twain with a column, an on-stage humorist and wit following that ancient credo of great newspaper reporters—’Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.’” —rogersmovienation.com

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