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Friday, May 27, 2022 11:59 PM
Dir. Tamra Davis | USA | 1995 | 89 min. | PG-13 | DCP
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General Admission General Admission - $12.50
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General Admission Child - $10.50

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Part of Midnight Movies.

For his first starring role, Adam Sandler is the thoughtless but genial manchild heir to the Madison Hotel Empire. In a desperate attempt to prove himself worthy to his family, and himself, he decides to redo his education (from kindergarten through high school) — and prove he isn’t a dunderhead. Standing between him and this goal are an unctuous Bradley Whitford, tangled conspiracies, the entire O’Doyle family, and the many wrongs with which he sowed the ground during the previous 20 years of his life. Thankfully, he’s got his friends and a stalwart decency to see him through — cooler than Miles Davis and working for the betterment of society. Knibb High Football rules!

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