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Part of Oscar Picks, Jan 25 – Feb 23: a mix of this year's nominated films plus a batch of Best Pictures from years past.

  • King's Point (dirs. Sari Gilman and Jedd Wider, USA/English, 40 minutes) - Over the course of a decade, five senior citizens living in the Kings Point retirement community face loss, illness and an increasing sense of isolation in their lives.
  • Mondays at Racine (dirs. Cynthia Wade and Robin Honan, USA/English, 39 minutes) - On the third Monday of every month, sisters Cynthia and Rachel open their Long Island beauty salon to women undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Inocente (dirs. Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, USA/English, 42 minutes) - Fifteen-year-old Inocente, a homeless, undocumented immigrant, clings to her determination to become an artist in the face of a bleak future.
  • Redemption (dirs. John Alpert and Matthew O’Neill, USA/English, 35 minutes) - In New York City, individuals known as canners survive by collecting cans and bottles from trash and recycling bins and redeeming them for money.
  • Open Heart (dirs. Keif Davidson and Cori Shepherd Stern, USA/English, 39 minutes) - Eight Rwandan children with serious heart disease travel to the Salam Centre in Sudan for treatment.