1966 Hall Wed, Oct 4 2:30 PM
1966 Hall Wed, Oct 4 7:00 PM
1966 Hall Wed, Oct 4 9:30 PM
1966 Hall Thu, Oct 5 5:30 PM
1925 Hall Thu, Oct 5 9:40 PM
1925 Hall Fri, Oct 6 3:00 PM
1925 Hall Sun, Oct 8 8:00 PM


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A raw, intimate, immersive look at the influential punk, goth rock band that unleashed Nick Cave to the world stage. With footage never before seen, the film is a visual and sonic rush of energy that explores the electrifying and turbulent chaos of one of the greatest musical live acts of all time, The Birthday Party. Hailed as “a one band war,” The Birthday Party with Nick Cave was one of the definitive post-punk groups and goth rock pioneers, creative and destructive in equal measure. Their incendiary live performances were the stuff of violent, anarchic legend. Featuring a wealth of rare and unseen archives, original artwork, unreleased tracks, studio footage, animation, and told exclusively by the group’s members, MUTINY IN HEAVEN is the story of epic struggle, artistic genius and total chaos, bringing the band’s own account to the screen for the first time.